A day I’ll talk about forever


As Chuck Sutera thought about his Honor Flight Chicago experience, he [...]

A day I’ll talk about forever2018-08-13T12:56:11-05:00

Like a Jimmy Stewart movie


George Anthos had a confession shortly after taking his trip with [...]

Like a Jimmy Stewart movie2018-08-13T12:29:56-05:00

Taking my breath away


Korean War veteran Don Borem was overwhelmed by the efforts of [...]

Taking my breath away2018-08-13T11:46:25-05:00

Three Korean War heroes


Meet Bob Guilfoyle, Li Schiavitti and Rich Bernier, three Korean War [...]

Three Korean War heroes2018-07-22T21:14:25-05:00

Honor. Thank. Inspire.


Pete Balma was a platoon sergeant in Korea during the Korean [...]

Honor. Thank. Inspire.2018-07-22T21:08:53-05:00

A story for my family


As Nate Moffett's children were growing up, he chose not to [...]

A story for my family2018-07-22T14:28:08-05:00

My Honor Flight Chicago experience


Larry Ketchmark flew with Honor Flight Chicago in April 2018 aboard the [...]

My Honor Flight Chicago experience2018-07-11T15:41:28-05:00

Inspiring my students — and myself


By Jason Major I’ve seen a lot of inspiring moments during [...]

Inspiring my students — and myself2018-06-08T16:34:58-05:00

Learning from a senior war hero


By Jonathan Kramer-Roach I’m 23 years old. People my age don’t [...]

Learning from a senior war hero2018-05-26T09:31:35-05:00

Enhancing my faith in Americans


It says a lot about many World War II and Korean [...]

Enhancing my faith in Americans2018-05-24T22:22:15-05:00

Flag Day Fundraiser


“We need a chairperson, someone who will run a golf fundraiser [...]

Flag Day Fundraiser2018-05-23T22:25:43-05:00

Considering re-enlisting


Raymond Shilkaitis didn’t know what to expect of his day of [...]

Considering re-enlisting2018-06-28T22:16:40-05:00

Feeling appreciated


Korean War veteran Fred Yndestad was expecting his Honor Flight Chicago [...]

Feeling appreciated2018-06-28T13:46:15-05:00

A heartwarming day


For Korean War veteran Michael Lindblad, the best part of his [...]

A heartwarming day2018-03-06T21:11:49-05:00

Surpassing the good old days


Marty Bilecki vividly remembers important events from the past. But his [...]

Surpassing the good old days2017-10-11T11:25:46-05:00

Speaking without a voice


Veterans who fly to Washington, D.C. with Honor Flight Chicago and [...]

Speaking without a voice2017-09-21T22:06:06-05:00

An experience of a lifetime


Tom Quinn thought he was prepared for his Honor Flight Chicago [...]

An experience of a lifetime2017-09-12T22:37:58-05:00

Tears in my eyes


Tony Pirello, who served his country during the Korean War, was [...]

Tears in my eyes2017-11-07T21:53:27-05:00