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** Photographs from the September 30th flight will be posted October 10, 2015.  Click the Photos tab to get started. **

Honor Flight Chicago

The American veteran is one of our greatest treasures—the men and women who answered our nation's call, especially at times of our greatest need. At Honor Flight Chicago, our mission is to thank and pay tribute to these heroes—especially our World War II veterans—by bringing them to Washington, D.C. for a day of honor and remembrance at no cost to them.
There are an estimated 25,000 WWII veterans living in the Chicagoland area—and we want to reach and honor each and every one. Won't you join us as we treat these humble, unassuming men and women to a most extraordinary day? There are many ways to help:
      • Make a donation to help us bring as many vets to Washington as we can—the cost of the trip is approximately $600 per veteran.


As you reflect on all that our WWII veterans have done for us, please consider what you can do for them—before they pass into history.


Upcoming Events

Election Day
November 03, 2015
Veterans Day
November 11, 2015
Flag Day
June 14, 2016

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