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JOIN US TO WELCOME {First Name} {Last Name} HOME!

{Flight Date} Southwest Airlines Charter Flight {Flight Number} Arrives@ Midway at {Arrival Time}

We are thrilled to recognize another group of senior war veterans, but now we need your help to cap off our heroes’ day of honor.

Join us to greet Southwest Airlines Charter {Flight Number} arriving at Midway Airport on {Flight Date} at {Arrival Time}. Please arrive one hour prior to flight arrival and meet in Baggage Claim.

Our goal is to show these men and women that we have not forgotten the service and sacrifices they made for the freedoms we enjoy today. At the same time, we strive to inspire future generations of Americans by sharing our heroes’ stories. The celebration is emotional. It’s something our veterans say they never forget — we’re confident you won’t either.

When our veterans arrive back at Midway at the conclusion of their day, they are greeted by color guards, bagpipers. bands, motorcycle clubs, and hundreds of volunteers and active duty military personnel. After this welcome, the veterans walk into the airport’s baggage claim, where they are met by thousands of family members, loved ones and strangers.

For many veterans, this is the welcome home they’ve waited more than 60 years to have.

Help us make this day even more special for our veterans by welcoming them home and thanking them for their bravery, selflessness and service.