A birthday to remember

Amador “Amie” Hoffman thought his Honor Flight experience would be informational, albeit maybe a bit boring.

Boy, was he wrong.

“My expectations were met and widely surpassed,” Hoffman said. “I would do it again — in a heartbeat. The whole day and experience were memorable!”

What made the day more unique for Hoffman was the fact his flight took place on his 86th birthday. “I’ve never heard ‘Happy Birthday’ sung so many times by so many people,” he said.

Hoffman served as a cryptograph tech for the Army during the Korean War. Even to this day, he can’t discuss the specifics of what he did due to the secrecy of his responsibilities. What he’s happy to discuss, though, is his Honor Flight Chicago experience. Just ask him and he’ll tell you it was “Wonderful! Stupendous! Once in a lifetime!”

“Seeing my whole family — wife, daughters, grandkids, son-in-law — standing there to greet me at the Welcome Home Celebration” was one of the most meaningful aspects of the day, he said. “My day of honor made me proud to know I had served my country.

“It also made me glad to know that lots of people remember and appreciate our efforts and sacrifices.”