Two powerful Veterans Day stories


ABC 7 Chicago recently told the unique stories of John Ullinskey and Bernie Bluestein, two incredible veterans who flew with Honor Flight Chicago.

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Alvin P. (Bud) Izbicky: Demolitions Expert


“There was an unexploded Japanese torpedo on the beach in Saipan, and they wanted a volunteer. All the other guys were much older than I was and nobody wanted to volunteer, so they volunteered me,”

Alvin P. (Bud) Izbicky: Demolitions Expert2018-06-01T21:10:22-05:00

Louis M. Megleo: The bomber and the screwdriver


Louis Megleo served more than two years in the World War II and was based near Bari, Italy. He was involved in 20 combat missions.

Louis M. Megleo: The bomber and the screwdriver2017-09-07T20:05:44-05:00

Jim G. Vancura Jr.: From the frying pan to the fire


Jim Vancura served from 1943 to 1946. He served on an amphibious ship that received 2 battle stars. Tours included France, Italy, Africa, Okinawa and China.

Jim G. Vancura Jr.: From the frying pan to the fire2017-08-05T09:47:00-05:00

Walter Piekosz: Learning to swim


Walter Piekosz was born in Chicago in 1925, one of nine children. At age 17, he decided to join the Navy. He joined even though he didn’t know how to swim.

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Frank Chrzan: Too young to serve


U.S. Marine Corps  World War II   Mt Prospect, [...]

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4 things to do this Fourth of July


Tomorrow marks our nation's 241st birthday. Fireworks. Barbecues. Parades. On this Fourth of July, I ask you to consider doing these four things:

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