Meet ‘The Bazooka Brothers’


Identical twins Tom and Tony Bezouska served together in the Army for more than two years during the Korean War. The two — nicknamed “The Bazooka Brothers” because of their last name — spent roughly ten months in the 187th Airborne Combat Regimental Team. During that time, they made jumps from four different types [...]

Miljan Akin – Sharing her story


The scrapbook sits in Miljan Akin’s home, a source of memories and inspiration for the 84-year-old. Inside the scrapbook rests a collection of letters from family members, friends and complete strangers thanking Akin for her service in the Air Force during the Korean War. She takes a few letters out from a bursting envelope [...]

Frank Akin – The power of words and photos


When Frank Akin arrived home from a jam-packed day visiting Washington, D.C., with Honor Flight Chicago, he was not empty-handed. The 85-year-old former Air Force Airman 1st Class returned with a packet filled with dozens of letters of gratitude for him and his service. Akin served in the Air Force with his wife, Miljan, [...]

Anthony Repeta – A transformational experience


When Anthony Repeta arrived at Midway Airport in the early hours of May 11, 2016, he didn’t feel all that special. He was just a “sleepy old Navy veteran” on his way to Washington, D.C. As he sat alongside roughly 100 other veterans at their flight gate, Repeta was kept awake by a trio [...]

Joseph Yi – Watching the pain slip away


Joseph Yi was born in South Korea but moved to the United States when he was 10 years old. When the Korean War broke out, Yi volunteered to support and serve the U.S. A private first class in the Marine Corps, Yi played a key role for the U.S. during prisoner exchange between the [...]