Alvin P. (Bud) Izbicky: Demolitions Expert


“There was an unexploded Japanese torpedo on the beach in Saipan, and they wanted a volunteer. All the other guys were much older than I was and nobody wanted to volunteer, so they volunteered me,”

Alvin P. (Bud) Izbicky: Demolitions Expert2018-06-01T21:10:22-05:00

Lowell “Greg” McDonnell: A tank commander … finally


Armistice talks were already underway, but it would be a few months before the fighting came to an end. For those few months, McDonnell found himself on the front lines at White Horse Mountain as a Tank Platoon Leader.

Lowell “Greg” McDonnell: A tank commander … finally2018-05-08T08:28:02-05:00